Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Commentary Tidbits

Sketches by Boze: We Need to Talk About Charisma

The Daily Beast: The Religious Right's 'Nice Guy' Who Threw His Wife Under the Bus

RH Reality Check: Why Conservative Christians Fear the Affirmation of Transgender Identity

Salon: How Christian fundamentalist homeschooling damages children

Think Progress: Duck Dynasty Patriarch: Sexual Diseases Are God’s ‘Penalty’ For Homosexuality


  1. Why Conservative Christians Fear the Affirmation of Transgender Identity.....Simply put: Conservative Christians are standing on shifting sands.

    Yeah, it must be disquieting to find out they're not standing on stable ground. They didn't much like Giordano Bruno saying that the Earth is moving around the Sun instead of fixed and motionless, either.

    I can sort of understand the feeling. I find quantum physics a bit unnerving, and even used to find some aspects of the transgender concept rather alien. And, of course, there are few things scarier than militant religion. But all these things are part of the real world, and as James Randi observed, we had better learn to deal with the world the way it actually is. People like Mohler and Burk insisting that anything that doesn't fit into their mythology doesn't exist, or can't be acknowledged to exist, are like the people who refused to look through Galileo's telescope and see the moons of Jupiter because those moons destroyed the Church's view of the cosmos. Reality doesn't change just because people refuse to accept it.

    1. Infidel -- Funny you should bring up the Religious Right's refusal to accept reality. I just finished a post on how Tony Perkins is unhappy with the Smithsonian acknowledging LGBTQ history. Religious Right figures react with such hostility when reality runs counter to their paradigms, which isn't a healthy way to live in the world.


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