Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Commentary Tidbits

Slacktivist: The white evangelical tribe is, itself, post-evangelical

Religion Dispatches: Christians and Cage Fighting, from "Fight Church" to Mark Driscoll

Human Rights Campaign: World Congress of Families Launches Petition Against HRC

Good As You: Values Voters Summit Marriage Panel Was Particularly Boring, Bad, Ineffective This Year

Talking Points Memo: Anti-Gay Baker Sobs Openly On 'Traditional' Marriage Panel

Daily Beast: The Religious Right’s Slow-Motion Suicide

Salon: Duggar daughter blames the Holocaust on evolution, then compares it to abortion

National Catholic Reporter: LGBT Catholics hope that synod on family will lead to welcome for all


  1. I watched the Cake Baker video thanks to my husbands FB feed. Yes the friend who posted it was praising the couple. And unfortunately I started to read through the comments under the article. What if this business owner had an experience, in lets say an atheist coffee shop, where the atheist refused to serve THEM coffee because they were Christian. Ok, now we know this is a far stretch, but how would they feel? Prolly not so good and they'd most likely go to social media like this lesbian couple did complaining about said business.
    Its just sick how people are so narrow minded.

    1. Heather -- If they're going to run a business, they have to treat customers with respect and refrain from discrimination. Full stop. Their narrow-mindedness prevents them from understanding this simple fact.

  2. The Duggar family, by its mere existence, is a pretty good argument for abortion, or at least birth control. With 19 children they are obviously not thinking clearly as is shown by their twisted thought processes.

    1. Jono -- The Duggars have been "wholesome" media darlings for too long. Now they're showing their true colors.

  3. Haha! Jono's comment made me laugh out loud.

    So I guess there isn't much to laugh at when clicking on any of those links. But the comments are pretty entertaining. ; )

    On the other hand, the complete lack of self-insight evident in each of these articles is pretty good fodder for satire. ...

    1. Agi Tater -- And if anyone can transmute these depressing links into good satire, it's the flock of sheep at Sheep Dip!


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