Tuesday, January 8, 2013

News Tidbits

Chicago Sun-Times: Jack Schaap Sentencing May Be Delayed So Victim Can Make Statement

Daily Mail: Jack Schaap blames his health and financial woes for sexual relationship with 16-year-old girl

Pink News: Rhode Island Catholic bishop: Same-sex marriage is ‘immoral’ and a threat to ‘religious freedom’

Gay Star News: Glasgow Archbishop says gay marriage is 'morally defective'

The Jewish Daily Forward: Jews Branded 'Enemies of Church' by Society of Pius X Leader

The Advocate: Bryan Fischer: With ENDA, 'Flaming' Gays Will Sue Christian Businesses

Huffington Post: Former Navy Chaplain Cites Bible Verse On Newt Gingrich Gay Marriage Stance: 'Worthy Of Death'

(Hat tip to No Longer Quivering for the Jack Schaap links)


  1. It is ironic how Jack Schaap is trying to blame depression for his behavior, when according to most fundamentalists, depression is nothing more than a lack of a "right relationship with god".

    I've experienced that kind of misunderstanding/bigotry myself, having depression, and being suspected of having high functioning autism (I haven't been tested for that yet).

    1. Sheldon -- Depressed or not, Schaap knew what he was doing, and I'm glad the creep is being held accountable for his actions.

      As for depression being blamed on a poor relationship with God, I'm sorry to hear that you experienced such victim-blaming attitudes. Those attitudes probably didn't make you feel any better as you struggled with the depression.

      Even Pat Robertson seems to embrace such misconceptions:



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