Thursday, January 31, 2013

Commentary Tidbits

Infidel753: The fires of fanaticism

Alternet: 5 Shocking Ways the Christian Right Has Forced the Bible Into America's Schools

Wall of Separation: Public School Proselytizing Prohibited: Federal Appeals Court Rejects New Prayer Scheme

Bartholomew's Notes on Religion: Judith Raisman Hits Croatia


  1. Sadly, I do not suspect the Right will give up it's quest to impose compulsory prayer on school children merely because of the recent ruling in the Taconic Hills case. But I'll still cheer for the setback the ruling is to their plans. There is no place -- public school or not -- that should see compulsion in religion.

    1. Paul -- The Religious Right's trumpeting of prayer in schools always left me confused. Many people on the right resent government intrusion (real or imagined) in their lives, so why would they want the government telling them how to pray?

      As for proselytizing in schools, it has NO place there. Most fundamentalist Christians would be horrified if Muslims, Buddhists, or neo-pagans proselytized in their children's schools, so why can't they understand why THEIR proselytization would strike others as offensive?


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