Monday, January 21, 2013

Commentary Tidbits

Talk to Action: Rejected Obama Inauguration Pastor Giglio Tied To Key Ugandan Antigay Church

Sojourners: Racial Politics

Freak Out Nation: Just an anti-abortion protester climbing a tree while shouting during the President’s inauguration

The Way Forward: Are ALL Evangelicals Fundamentalists?


  1. I'm glad he replaced him with Rev. Leon. He did a nice job.

    1. Donna -- I'm glad too. I think it says something that Giglio was considered unacceptable because of past homophobic remarks, while an LGBTQ-affirming priest was chosen in his place. PLUS, President Obama acknowledged LGBTQ persons and Stonewall in his speech! It's progress.

  2. Bruce Gerenscer is back!!!!!!!

    Why didn't anyone tell me? lol
    Not only was he one of my favorite bloggers, he used to stop by my blog sometimes with tips and encouragement when I first started blogging.

    1. Sheldon -- I'm glad he's back too. He had great commentary at his blog, and I was sad to see him (temporarily) go.


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