Wednesday, August 29, 2012

News Tidbits

BBC News: The curious allure of child preachers

Chicago Tribune: California lawmakers vote to ban gay 'conversion' therapy for minors

New York Times: After Gay Son’s Suicide, Mother Finds Blame in Herself and in Her Church

Washington Post: Baptist leader stands his political ground on Todd Akin’s campaign

CBS 21: Republican challenging Sen. Casey compares having child out of wedlock to rape

Edge Boston: Washington State: Catholic Churches Can’t Collect Donations to Overturn Gay Marriage Law

Pink News: Prop 8 contributor and church youth leader indicted on child abuse charges


  1. Great to see that California is banning the "pray away the gay" movement. It is pure nonsense and only delivers psychological torment to young kids who are trying to figure out who they are.

    1. Reason Being -- I'm relieved too. Being an LGBTQ youth is stressful enough without toxic "conversion therapy" and ex-gay rhetoric.

    2. Glad the sex abuser written about in the Pink News was arrested. Can't help but wonder how many other supporters of Prop 8 and other hate legislation are acting upon their own latent tendencies.

    3. Donna -- Yeek! I dare not imagine.


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