Friday, August 17, 2012

Commentary Tidbits: FRC Shooting Aftermath Edition

Buzzfeed: Perkins: Groups Gave Shooter “License” To Attack Family Research Council

SPLC Hatewatch: SPLC: Family Research Council License-to-Kill Claim ‘Outrageous’

Metro Weekly: Anti-gay slogans on display at FRC's press conference claiming they are not a "hate group"

Pam's House Blend: The Family Research Council shooting and the impact of words and heads in the sand about violence

Bloomberg: Why Not Call the Family Research Council a Hate Group?

Reason Being: The Family Research Council is a Hate Group

Freak Out Nation: Tony Perkins, Family Research Council: Trying for Martyrdom but Proving Narcissism

The New Civil Rights Movement: NOM Launches Website To Profit From Family Research Council Shooting

Right Wing Watch: Religious Right Exploiting Tragedy to Blunt Criticism of Its Extremism

Shakesville: Shooting at Family Research Council


  1. Thanks for posting a link to my post Ahab. Much appreciated.

  2. I guess we can argue that although it was predictable that the FRC would blame the left for the shooting that occurred there, at least we can be sure of one thing. It takes a terrorist organization to think they know one.

    1. Sherry -- I think the FRC and other Religious Right groups have been squandering any goodwill they're received with their rhetoric.

  3. The RRRW is playing this shooting for all it's worth, and whining that "the left" and "the gays" aren't doing enough to denounce the event (while dozens of gay, atheist and other organizations made statements doing so immediately after it hit the news). How many of them decry the 1,500+ hate crimes against LGBT people every year?

    1. Buffy -- Just once, I'd like to see the Religious Right show the same sensitivity and even-mindedness toward a homophobic hate crime that LGBTQ voices have shown toward this shooting.


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