Saturday, June 30, 2012

Teacher Allegedly Wanted Youth to Cut Out Demons

Earlier this month, the Tampa Bay Times reported that Danielle Harkins, a 35 year-old literacy teacher in St. Petersburg, FL, was charged with child abuse. Harkins reportedly told several teenagers to lacerate and burn themselves during a ritual intended to exorcise demons. (Hat tip to On Knees for Jesus.)


  1. Ugh, how awful! There are some very mal-adjusted people in this world.

  2. And the religious right says we should spend all our time worrying about whether gays are recruiting our children. Yeah right.

    1. Sherry -- Indeed. I'm FAR more worried about fundies who see demons under every chair, and it's not just Harkins either.

    2. Cut and Burn Demons!?
      Demons must be Drowned!
      A good pale ale works well.... but a Russian Imperial Stout is quicker. Or if you have the time..... several Lagers is Ok, too!

      You just have to make sure the students with Demons are of Legal Age.....that's all.


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