Sunday, June 10, 2012

Commentary Tidbits

Michael Kimmel: The Bible, Biology and Bigotry

Reason Being: Religion and Politics: Driving the U.S. Backwards

The New Yorker: Why We Don't Believe in Science

The New Civil Rights Movement: ENDA Gets Senate Hearing But Anti-Gay ‘Religious Liberty’ Dominionist To Testify

Washington Post: Vatican’s term ‘radical feminist’ says more about cardinals than nuns they rebuke

The Way Forward: Sexual Abuse in the Evangelical Church


  1. Love the comparison of "radical feminists" to "cooties" in the WP piece.

    1. Donna -- Well, it's an accurate assessment of Vatican leaders' maturity level!

  2. The Way Forward just nailed it....this is an important issue that has been haunting Evangelical churches for decades.

    Thanks for the link...


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