Saturday, May 12, 2012

Judas, Intestines, and Cussing After Coupling (UPDATED)

Courtesy of Aksarbent, the following video features a colorful anti-gay rant against a proposed LGBT protection ordinance in Lincoln, Nebraska. Prepare for incoherent ramblings about gay Judas, Whitney Houston, and ruptured intestines. Yikes.

UPDATE: According to the Lincoln Journal Star, the woman in the video -- Jane Svoboda -- is a protected person living in an assisted living facility in Lincoln, Nebraska. The article quotes her brother and conservator, Patrick Svoboda, as lamenting society's disregard for people with mental illnesses.

In a May 14th post at Truth Wins Out, Evan Hurst explains that the video went viral not necessarily because of mental illness stigma, but because Ms. Svodoba's rant was so similar to those of prominent anti-gay activists.
"With all due respect and understanding to the situation her brother Patrick finds himself in, that rant didn’t go viral because people are insensitive to mental health issues [okay, yes, Americans are, but that's NOT why the video went viral]. It went viral because, in its content, it is no different than an anti-gay rant from Scott Lively in Uganda; from a vicious hate screed by Linda Harvey or Laurie Higgins; from an overcompensating anti-gay treatise by Matt Barber on how manly Matt Barber is; from a leathersex photo gallery and commentary posted by Peter LaBarbera; and of course, from a radio interview with disgraced, sad quack Paul Cameron. The remarkable thing about the video of Jane Svoboda in Nebraska was that her rant was, qualitatively, the exact same thing as the weird, prurient, deranged crap we deal with from America’s most notorious homophobes on a daily basis."


  1. Bizarre and completely incoherent.

    1. Cognitive Dissenter -- That's an understatement!

  2. They CUSS after COUPLING??? Ok, that's the last straw. I don't support equality anymore. (Lol).

    I've never seen anything like this video before, and I've seen some crazy. I guess it's a good thing that everyone has a chance to have their say, but stuff like this shows the dark side of that coin.

    I like the guy facepalming in the background--one person in the video I could understand. :)

    1. Michelle -- As strange as this woman's rant was, it reflects what some homophobes genuinely believe about LGBT people. And that's a scary thought.

      I liked the guy in the background too. Hilarious!


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