Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Commentary Tidbits

Right Wing Watch: Religious Right Filmmaker Urges Parents to Take Children out of 'Godless and Pagan' Public Schools

Salon: Billionaire Romney donor uses threats to silence critics

Mother Jones: If You Thought Michele Bachmann Was Out There ... Meet Her Mentor, Allen Quist

SPLC Hatewatch: Anti-Gay Activists Adopt a Dubious Model — the Confederacy

CBC News: America's Point and Screech Election Campaign


  1. That Quist character is certifiable. I may have to Facebook that MJ piece.

  2. I have a friend whose children are homeschooled. He apparently worked for Focus on the Family or something like that and the children were taken out of public school because "they were being indoctrinated" against the Word of God. We are just FB friends, although we attended the same high school at one point.

    Here is MY point though. Now he has a software company. The oldest child is attending public school and the younger are being homeschooled because the parents feel they are receiving a better education (Mississippi- 'nuff said) and the Mom enjoys it. HE HAS AWAKENED. It happens.

    Keep up the good work. You could be part of someone's awakening!

    1. Left Leaning Lady -- That's awesome! I'm glad he changed his mind. Here's hoping that the blog opens a few eyes.

      As for homeschooling, I believe that if done well, it can provide a good education to children. However, if done poorly or used as a vehicle for fundamentalist indoctrination, it can be a disaster.

  3. So public school is "godless" and "pagan"? Once gain, religious conservatives reveal the depths of their stupidity. Pagan is a broad term referring to non-christian religions; so they're not "godless". And where's the proof of this? Oh that's tight; they're right-wingers. Evidence is of Teh Devil. Shit, how brain-dead can you get? If these people were bitten by zombies and turned into them, would there even be a discernible change in their cognitive abilities? Methinks not.

    1. BR -- Fundies like to use the word "pagan" without reflecting on what it actually means. For them, it's a synonym for "evil un-Christian monstrosity." Unless it's being used to refer to modern-day neo-pagans, I find it too broad and vague to be a useful term.


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