Thursday, May 31, 2012

Commentary Tidbits

Green Eagle: The New Kincaid

Red Letter Christians: Anti-Gay Marriage Legislation is an Example of An Overextended Church in Decline

Vancouver Sun: The state of evangelicalism: Canada differs from U.S.

Freak Out Nation: Conservative crazy talk alert: “Homosexuals in Congress have a plan to indoctrinate our children”

Reason Being: Freedom to Practice Religion is NOT the Freedom to Impose Religion

Washington Post: How the Web is killing faith

Media Matters: Live Action's New Planned Parenthood Attack Manufactures "Widespread" Sex-Selective Abortion Problem

Good As You: Kansas Pastor: Government Should Kill Gays

Good As You: Maryland pastor on killing gays: "I will be very honest with you, my flesh kind of likes that idea."

(Hat tip to Infidel753 for several of these links)


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