Tuesday, August 9, 2011

News Tidbits

Deutsche Welle: Gay conversion therapy gaining European followers

MSNBC: Bachmann attends church service denouncing homosexuality

Washington Post: Pawlenty signs NOM's anti-gay marriage pledge

American Independent: Thousands join Perry-led ‘Response’ in prayer for Christian revival in the public square

Colorado Independent: Religiously diverse ‘Faith, Family and Freedom’ rally counters ‘The Response’

Minnesota Independent: Bachmann releases Iowa religious endorsements


  1. Given the rioting in London right now and other growing unrest over the world's failing financial markets, that piece on the gay conversion therapy in Europe is just bizarre.

  2. Donna -- Unfortunately, quackery knows no borders.

  3. The goofy Michelle Bachmann's Eyes meme is flooding the internet. She probably won't be as subject to making a fool of herself in response to ridicule as Palin, but there seem to be a lot of people getting a kick out of the cheap shots. I admit, I've peeked.

    On the two pieces on Bachmann, the ignorance (literally, the ig-nore-ance) of science on her part and the cruelty of her homophobic agenda give ME crazy eyes!

  4. Nance -- Aye, the Newsweek cover was a cheap shot, but we can still call her out for her dubious stand on many issues.

  5. So very tired of homphobes, gay-bashing, idiots who want to convert gays, idiots who care about what other people do in their own bedrooms. Wake up and smell the coffee, people. It's 2011. Work on improving your own lives instead of sticking your noses in the lives of others.

    Please tell me that woman won't win the Republican candidacy. Please!

  6. Knatolee -- You and me both. The homophobia needs to stop.

    I doubt that Bachmann will win the 2012 election due to her outrageous views, but if she does, God help us.

  7. They use PRAYER and HOMEOPATHY. Homeiopathy, for Adonis' sake. LOL. Just hilarious.


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