Sunday, August 7, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

Stonekettle Station: What Rick Perry is Really Praying For

Religion Dispatches: Rick Perry’s Jesus Imperative: A Report from Saturday's Mega-Rally

CNN: The Response in Pictures

365 Gay: Are there too many gay characters on TV? Some conservative groups think so

Bay of Fundie: A Million Ticking Breiviks
(Hat tip to Infidel753)


  1. Nah, there are just too many heterosexuals on TV!

  2. Knatolee -- Rooster activists have been calling for more hen-osexuals on TV for years!

  3. Rick Perry has been getting a lot of press recently. You have to keep an eye on that pesky "Liberal Media"... after all, they are the ones who kept Palin in the spotlight for so long... and gave the Tea Party it's aura of legitimacy.

  4. Robert -- Aye. The "liberal media" is anything but.

  5. //Gay conversion therapy gaining European followers//

    I guess I am a little confused with that.. see, I am not too good with numbers, especially conversions... how many Euros equals one Gay?

  6. Okjimm -- No, the therapy is meant to help gays convert currency themselves. You see, with all the economic instability, gays started to feel bad about themselves for losing track of currency conversion rates, so this therapy--I'M JUST KIDDING! :D


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