Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

Wow! Today's commentary post is overflowing with essays on Christian dominionism, especially as it relates to some of the current GOP presidential contenders. I'm relieved that this alarming form of fundamentalism is making its way into the public consciousness, since people can't organize against something unless they know it exists.

Political Research Associates: The Christian Right, Dominionism, and Theocracy

Infidel753: The drive toward minority rule in the US

The Daily Beast: A Christian Plot for Domination?

Singing with Crows: Democracy or Dominion?

Andrew Sullivan: The Christianist Takeover
(Hat tip to Noodleepoodlee)

Politicus USA: Rick Perry’s Hardcore History of Investment in Porn

Human Rights Campaign: Rick Perry’s Anti-Gay History

SPLC Hatewatch: LGBT Rights Group Tells FRC to Cease Distribution of False Video

Salon: What Michelle Bachmann's submission theology really means

Media Matters: Beck: "A Religious Figure That I Respect" Told Me That Restoring Courage "May Be A Fulfillment Of Zechariah Prophecy"

Right Wing Watch: Jackson: There Is No Separation Of Church And State


  1. The recent Republican events in Iowa have drawn national attention, much of it negative. Fine by me, and about time.

  2. Did you see this one?


    I'm a little behind on blog reading, so apologies if you already posted it!

  3. Knatolee -- Thanks! I'll include this in the next Commentary Tidbits post.


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