Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

Freak Out Nation: Politicians are Backing out of Glenn Beck’s Rally In Israel: This Could be Why

Al Jazeera: Glenn Beck is exploiting Israel 

Vertigo: And Still Call Yourself 'Pro-Life'

The Awl: What I Learn in Two Years at the Tea Party

Right Wing Watch: NAR Doesn't Want Theocracy, Just The Establishment Of God's Kingdom On Earth

Business & Heritage Clarksville: Treat hate groups with the contempt they deserve 

Truth Wins Out: In Extravagant Visit, Morally Compromised Pope Lectures Europe On Morality

Huffington Post: Isn't It Ironic When Politicians Parade Their Faith but Act Unchristian?

Religion Dispatches: American Anti-Gay Campaign in Africa Opposes "Fictitious Sexual Rights"


  1. I'm not surprised to see Beck self-destructing, especially now that he is free from network restraints. It's just a shame that he has faithful followers. :-(

    Great Tea Party insider look.

  2. Wise Fool -- I wonder how many of those followers are at his Israel rally today? I hope to find turnout numbers.

  3. Thanks for these, Ahab. I had not heard Beck's comments about Soros. Unbelievable. And the Vertigo cartoon was priceless. :)

  4. Donna -- Glad you enjoyed them.


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