Monday, June 20, 2011

News Tidbits

The Record: Gideon Bibles Rejected by School Board

MSN: Hong Kong 'gay cure' doctor defends his role

Huffington Post: LGBT Activists Respond To Chick-Fil-A's Downtown Chicago Debut

Boston Herald: State updates sex ed website called inappropriate

Louisville Courier-Journal: Uganda's anti-gay bill spotlighted at Louisville forum

Michigan Messenger: Dearborn Arab Festival turns confrontational

American Independent: Bachmann, Pawlenty sign Susan B. Anthony List anti-abortion pledge

Colorado Independent: As New York vote nears, Colorado Christian groups tout new anti-gay marriage poll data


  1. Re Chick-Fil-A: Jesus H. Christ in a fog, get your chicken sandwiches out of people's bedrooms! It's chicken, fergawdsake! You sell CHICKEN!

    (Oh, dear. I seem to have an opinion on this.)

  2. Nance -- Feel free to have an opinion about Chik-Fil-A! These folks certainly do.

  3. Perhaps the folks at Chick-Fil-A believe they're using their deep fried chicken sandwiches "for good." In reality, it's the opposite -- they're interfering with people's civil rights, as well as clogging their arteries with cholesterol.

  4. Donna -- I'm glad some civic-minded people are holding them accountable.


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