Wednesday, June 15, 2011

News Tidbits

BBC News: Protesters picket Northern Ireland 'gay cure' event

The Advocate: Rick Perry Unleashes Nondefense of Prayer Rally

American Independent: Jewish lawmaker ‘disappointed’ that Perry has allied himself with ‘exclusionary’ AFA

American Independent: After AFA’s Fischer says gays responsible for Nazi Party, Gov. Perry spokeswoman says AFA ‘promotes strong and safe families’

Texas Independent: Maddow, Slater talk Perry, AFA on MSNBC

Florida Independent: Abby Johnson coming to Florida for this year’s National Right to Life convention


  1. Glad you included that link to Rachel Maddow's interview with Wayne Slater -- he's one of my favorites. Maddow is too, for that matter. Rick Perry is not!

  2. Donna -- Rachel Maddow is awesome, I agree.

  3. I read that article regarding the Maddow - Slater interview. Very disturbing. It's almost sinister to me to see how often there seems to be a connection between Mormonism and the Religious Right wackos. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised considering the fact that LDS Inc. is a multi-billion dollar corporation. Flies to honey, right?

  4. Cognitive Dissenter -- I suspect the ties go deeper than we realize.

  5. You can't cure homosexuality. BECAUSE IT'S NOT A DISEASE OR ILLNESS, you morons. Sorry for the shouting.

    Can you imagine how much better things might be if people stopped trying to run the lives of other people and instead focused on improving their own sorry lives? I know, I know, but a girl can dream...

  6. Knatolee -- My mind reels at how much damage these alleged "gay cure" programs have caused.


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