Saturday, June 4, 2011

News Tidbits

Beliefnet: Gingrich Woos Skeptical Evangelical Voters

Kansas City Business Journal: Pancakes and prayers: IHOP name prompts another suit

NewsOne: Eddie Long’s Church Is Collapsing, Says Source 

365 Gay: Anti-gay Bernice King leaving Eddie Long’s megachurch

365 Gay: Tempers flare at Rhode Island civil union hearing

Der Spiegel: German Catholic Doctors Offer Homeopathic 'Gay Treatment'

Michigan Messenger: Michigan prayer group pushes views of extremists

American Independent: Though no ‘traditional values’ centers, YCT lauds legislation on student fee advisory committees

Pink Paper: Gay safe sex campaign re-instated in Australia after Christian complaints


  1. The funny thing about the Gingrich headline is that most militant, Christian fundamentalists are just as hypocritical as Gingrich.

  2. When are idiots going to stop trying to "cure" gays, and start trying to cure their own homophobia? And Catholic doctors? Puh-lease! The church is full of closeted priests!!

  3. Libhom -- Amen! It amazes me that someone with Gingrich's past has become a right-wing darling.

    Knatolee -- You'd think people would realize by now that homosexuality isn't a "disease" that need to be "cured." Besides, attempts to "cure" LGBT people have had heartbreaking results.


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