Tuesday, April 14, 2015

News Tidbits

Christian Post: Ken Ham Says Life-Size Noah's Ark on Track to Open in 2016, Despite 'Naysayers, False Information' 

Bloomberg: Conservatives Regroup on Religious-Freedom Bills

Raw Story: Rick Santorum: Media ‘perversion’ of Indiana law was rammed ‘down the public’s throat’

Reuters: New Jersey gay therapy ban is upheld over boy's challenge

The Advocate: NOM Wants SCOTUS to Ignore National Support for Marriage Equality

Pink News: Hate group tells parents: Take your children out of schools that condemn homophobic bullying


  1. Regarding the Pink News piece. So protesting violence and bullying is a bad message to kids? Sad that people promote this idea.

    1. Donna -- They're so hell-bent on denying LGBTQ rights that they won't even tolerate anti-bullying measures that might help LGBTQ kids. It's morally repugnant.


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