Sunday, April 12, 2015

News Tidbits

OregonLive: Mormon church remains voice against gay marriage, "counterfeit and alternative lifestyles," leaders tell conference

The Guardian: Santorum cites Westboro Baptist Church in debate over Indiana law

Associated Press: Cakes bake tension between gay rights, religious objections

Pink News: Californians counter proposed ‘Biblical’ anti-gay law with ‘Shellfish Suppression Act’

Gay Star News: Christian pastor’s open letter to Mike Huckabee: Please end this war against LGBT people

WFTV 9: Casselberry business owner threatened after refusing to bake anti-gay marriage cake

WMGT 41: Parent complains after Dublin teacher talks politics in classroom


  1. Every time a news source publishes an article about Mormonism (, the Mormon apologists posing as objective outsiders come out of the woodwork to support their cult (I can call it cult because I have personal knowledge). It's free advertising for the cult that is perpetuated by an endless need for self-validation.

    It is so predictable and so easy to spot. And so dishonest. But for that, it would be funny.

    1. Agi Tater -- I wonder if the Mormon faithful will ever be honest about Mormon history and doctrine.


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