Monday, April 7, 2014

News Tidbits

Washington Post: Social conservatives are mobilizing in France, leading to talk of a tea party

Washington Post: Anti-abortion company Hobby Lobby reportedly invests retirement funds in abortion drugs

Edge Boston: LGBT Activists Protest Homophobic Harlem Church

National Catholic Reporter: USCCB's clergy sex abuse audit finds decline but 'major' limitations

Washington Blade: Mississippi legislature approves ‘turn away the gays’ bill

Buzzfeed: Uganda Celebrates Anti-Gay Law With Five-Hour Ceremony

The Sunday Mail: Zimbabwe evangelist says gays, lesbians "mentally sick"

New Zimbabwe: Gays blast Makandiwa for "mentally sick" comments


  1. Those French "social conservatives" do sound pretty teabaggish. I wonder how long it will be before they openly align with the Islamists, who are currently the main exponents in France of this same kind of anti-gay and anti-modern rejectionism.

    Either way it's all too easy to imagine it playing out the same way as in the US, with the mainline right wing frantically trying to regain control over a fiery crackpot wing that makes them all look loopy in the eyes of the broader electorate, while the radicals denounce the mainline as sellouts to the left.

    The article would have been better with some data about how much popular support they have. Overall, French society is a lot more secular than ours.

    1. Infidel -- I'll keep my eyes open for articles on how much support they have among the populace. I'd like to see those numbers too.


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