Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Commentary Tidbits

Center for American Progress: Discrimination? Corporate Loopholes? Law Avoidance? Hobby Lobby’s Potentially Slippery Slope

Aljazeera America: Christianity, Contraception and Class

The Nation: Corporate Religious Freedom Means Freedom to Discriminate

Slaktivist: The white evangelical army of hate is hurting people and redefining ‘Christianity’

Huffington Post: It's Time to Stop Calling Fundamentalists 'Christians'

Think Progress: How The World Vision Flip-Flop Demonstrates Conservatives’ Commitment To Anti-Gay Discrimination

Political Research Associates: Phelps May Be Dead, But Fundamentalism Lives On

Religion News Service: ‘Frozen,’ evangelical purity culture, and what it’s like being a girl

Rhymes With Religion: Marginalizing the abused: Six ways survivors are treated as insignificant

The Advocate: Gay and Faithful Aren't Mutually Exclusive

Pink News: 10 imminent catastrophes to prepare for once gays are allowed to marry


  1. some really excellent links...thanks as always..

    1. Sherry -- I'm glad you liked them.

  2. With regard to Hobby Lobby, the case could have unintended consequences for corporations, i.e., enable interested parties to more easily "pierce the corporate veil."

    Thus, reportedly, no big corporate interests have filed any amicus briefs. Very interesting. Their silence speaks volumes. Perhaps Republicans posing as Christians should be careful about what they wish for. : )

    See more here:

    And here:

    1. Agi Tater -- If the case ends in Hobby Lobby's favor, it will ABSOLUTELY have unintended consequences for businesses and employees. I'm shocked that it got this far.

      Thank you for the links -- I'll check them out!


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