Saturday, August 31, 2013

Commentary Tidbits

God Discussion: Taking dominion: Champion the Vote unites with Hispanic New Apostolic Reformation movement

The Nation: Mexico's Abortion Wars, American-Style

Wonkette: Christian School that Have Creationist Quiz is Mercifully Euthanized\

Ramblings of Sheldon: The False Illusion of Free Will in Christianity

Good As You: Focus on the Family Director Chastises 'Earthy King' Obama for Basing Civil Law on Something Other Than God

Sarah Over the Moon: Maybe God is a “bitch”

Science League of America: Textbook Battle in Texas

Truth Wins Out: Bradlee Dean’s Radio Program Claims Half Of All Big City Murders Are Committed By Gays

Friendly Atheist: David Barton: If There’s No Prayer at a Public School Graduation, That’s a Promotion of Atheism


  1. I had heard about the Creationist school closing, The Friendly Atheist was talking about it. At first I was happy, but then I got to thinking that parents that fundamentalist wouldn't put their kids in public schools where they could actually learn (even in poor Appalachian towns), they would probably homeschool instead.

    That's worse, fundamentalism mixed with extreme social isolation, at least at the school, they had other children to be around, even if they were only fellow fundies.

    Thanks for linking to my post, by the way....

    1. Sheldon -- You're welcome.

      The Christian homeschooling option is indeed worrisome, and I hope those parents don't take that route.


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