Friday, August 2, 2013

Commentary Tidbits

Political Research Associates: Christian Right Seeks Renewal in Deepening Catholic-Protestant Alliance

Infidel 753: Is the Christian Right still a threat?

Seeking the Light: The One That Got Away: Josh Powell and the Others That Didn't

R. L. Stollar: How I Learned To Stop Being Afraid and Love Other Religions, Part I, II, and III

The Advocate: The Last Time I Went to Catholic Church

Edge Boston: Pope’s Revolution; Not All are Pleased

Slaktivist: Texas’ new law bans biblical abortions

Out Traveler: An American Gay in Uganda: Visiting Earth's Most Homophobic Place

Good As You: We get it, new Boy Scout rival -- you are incredibly anti-LGBT

RH Reality Check: Men Are From Mars, Women Don’t Want Sex: Abstinence-Only Curricula Rife With Gender Stereotypes


  1. Very thoughtful post from Infidel 753. Unfortunately the Christian Right isn't going anywhere for the time being.

    1. Donna -- Infidel753 pens good commentary. I like his blog.


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