Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Commentary Tidbits

New York Times: Welcome to the Age of Denial

USA Today: What Christian left can learn from Christian right

Political Research Associates: The Making of God Loves Uganda: A Web Exclusive Interview with Roger Ross Williams

Alternet: 5 Most Absurd, Self-Pitying Gripes of the Christian Right

Heresy in the Heartland: In Praise of Pluralism

The Way Forward: Sexual Abuse in the Evangelical Church

The Wartburg Watch: Singleness: I Am So Done With Church

SPLC Intelligence Report: Dangerous Liasons

Salon: Lawmaker turns the tables on crisis pregnancy centers

Washington Post: Do Christian conservatives believe in the First Amendment?


  1. Alternet: 5 Most Absurd, Self-Pitying Gripes of the Christian Right

    I'm glad someone had the patience, and perhaps the OCD, to systematically deconstruct these. It's a bit like systematically and patiently explaining the flaw in 2+2=5, but so many fundies seem to take those ridiculous gripes seriously.

    1. Infidel -- Well, many fundies live in bubbles where these gripes are constantly reinforced. Still, you'd think some of them would be smart enough to see the flaws in the gripes.

    2. The persecution paranoia helps to hold the group together by reinforcing the rightness of their beliefs, and making them stand behind their leaders. The same effect happens in nations where the government makes them paranoid about some external threat, real or imagined.

    3. Sheldon -- Aye. Fear of a real or imagined opponent fosters group cohesion. Unfortunately, it also makes them unreasonable and gives them a martyr complex.

  2. Did you find the link from The Wartburg Watch because of me?

    You know I a big fan of theirs....

  3. Well, I introduced you to The Wartburg Watch, and you introduced me to a few sites along the way, I think I might write a blog post encouraging people to go to Heresy in the Heartland, it's an incredible blog.


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