Sunday, July 15, 2012

Commentary Tidbits

GLAAD: NOM to Kirk Cameron: You're Hired!

Sunstone Cafe: Would You Pledge Your Virginity to Daddy?

Infidel753: Gut Feeling: The Look of the Future

Huffington Post: NAACP Gay Marriage Position Draws Protest From Black Clergy Group

Love, Joy, Feminism: Answers in Genesis: Are We More Moral than God?

SPLC Hatewatch: Anti-LGBT Activist Targets ‘Gay Fascism’ Ordinance in Springfield, MO

SPLC Hatewatch: FRC Appoints Islamophobic Ex-General as Executive VP


  1. I lived in Springfield MO for a while - really not surprised to hear that. But sad nonetheless.

    1. Postmormon Girl -- It's Lively, so go figure.

  2. From the "Are we more moral than God" post:

    In other words, your conscience may cry out against condemning people to eternal torture for finite sins, but that’s because your conscience is broken. God may look horrible and evil, but actually he’s loving and good, it’s just that your ability to tell good from evil is flawed.

    This is exactly the mentality that Stalin would have loved to see his subjects embrace -- if he had ever had the flaming chutzpah to try and push such an outrageous argument, or if the average Soviet communist had been as willing to abdicate his rational and moral faculties as abjectly as fundamentalist Christians apparently are.

    1. Infidel753 -- It's chilling, isn't it? How fundamentalism can convince people to jettison their empathy and conscience so readily! If people aren't alarmed by fundamentalism, they don't understand it.

  3. "Would You Pledge Your Virginity to Daddy?"

    No. I find it decidedly creepy when men are so obsessed with their daughter's hymens. It's also terribly hypocritical that none of these "purity" freaks seem to care about what boys/men are doing with their genitals.

    "NOM to Kirk Cameron: You're Hired!"

    They were looking for a "non-intellectual celebrity" and they got one.

    1. Buffy -- :: snickers ::

      I've got to agree with you when it comes to Kirk Cameron.

      I too find the purity movement, with all its sexist subtexts, creepy.

  4. Thank you so much for the shout out and link, Ahab!


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