Saturday, November 21, 2015

Stop Eating Rice with Your Hands, Jim!

Vic Berger has done it again. In this YouTube video, Berger somehow makes Jim Bakker and his dehydrated doomsday food even more creepy. Enjoy scenes of Bakker eating rice with his hands and stirring goopy "cheese" sauce with a shovel. (Oh, and remember to buy separate shovels for digging latrines and serving cheesy rice.)


  1. I had to look on the internet to make sure the video you posted wasn't a parody! Is this the same Jim Bakker of the Tammy Faye Bakker fame? Didn't they go to jail for fraud years ago? I really thought I was watching a comedy show mocking charlatans. But Dear Darwin! the video is real and not a parody! I understand more fully why Donald Trump is leading with the base of the T-GOP.

    1. Shaw -- Yep. It's the same Jim Bakker. He makes his living as an end-time televangelist now, selling overpriced buckets of doomsday food.

      Did you see the video from a few months back of Bakker sampling his own potato soup? He tastes some at the 0:28 mark and gags.


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