Monday, November 16, 2015

Commentary Tidbits: Paris Aftermath Edition

Political opportunists among the Religious Right quickly used the terrorist attacks in Paris as an opportunity to sermonize about their pet issues. Now, right-wing responses to the attacks have taken a darker turn. In the U.S., the Paris attacks have inflamed right-wing xenophobia toward Syrian refugees and Muslims. Some point to the fact that a Syrian passport (which may or may not be authentic) was found near the remains of one of the Paris suicide bombers, confirming their fears that terrorists are allegedly infiltrating Europe alongside refugees.

Governors of twenty-five states -- almost all of them Republican -- have refused to accept Syrian refugees, arguing that the Department of Homeland Security needs to review its screening procedures, according to ABC News and CNBC. PBS Newshour reports that Republican lawmakers may try to obstruct President Obama's plan to allow more Syrian refugees into the U.S. Right-wing commentators continue to look askance at Muslims and now demand that refugees be denied entry.

Callous measures will not keep terrorism at bay. Denying aid to Syrian refugees and demonizing all Muslims as would-be terrorists will not make the U.S. safer, but it will create hardship for thousands of innocent people and contribute to an atmosphere of hatred.

Below are commentary pieces on right-wing xenophobia in the wake of the Paris attacks.

Entertaining Faith: Jesus would welcome Syrian refugees

Think Progress: Fearmongering Against Refugees In The U.S. Begins

Love, Joy, Feminism: Michael Farris Calls for Closing Doors to Syrian Refugees

CBS News: GOP candidates rip Syrian refugee policy after Paris attacks

Right Wing Watch: WND Pundit: Ban Muslims From Public Office

Media Matters for America: Fox's Kimberly Guilfoyle: Refugee Resettlement In The United States Is "Forced Infiltration"

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