Monday, November 2, 2015

Commentary Tidbits

Red State: Donald Trump Eaten by Giant African Lion    (Hat tip to Infidel753)

Gawker: Welcome to Artprize, a “Radically Open” Far-Right Art Competition in Grand Rapids

The Atlantic: Evangelicals Discover Moral Ambiguity on the Death Penalty

Washington Post: Being a doctor who performs abortions means you always fear your life is in danger

Salon: Christian fundamentalists’ plot against the Constitution: What Kim Davis’s newly unearthed emails reveal

The Advocate: Finish the Job: Ban Conversion Therapy for Minors

Daily Beast: Queer Spy at the Anti-Gay Conference

Jezebel: Christian Website Advises Avoiding Wife's Face if She's Not Into Sex

Raw Story: Christian marriage adviser: Use ‘fear and dread’ to control your wife — as God intended

The Guardian: Halloween was banned in my childhood, but that caused ignorance, not salvation


  1. Another weird prescription on Biblical marriage (the Jezebel link). Fundies seem obsessed with preventing sex among those who want it (gays, the unmarried, etc.) while pushing it on those who don't (reluctant wives).

    If your wife loses interest in sex, surely the obvious thing to do is, uh, have an actual conversation with her about it to find out what the problem is and then figure out what to do about it? Is there something about Christianity that precludes this? Are they really unable to imagine any method other than pressure and shaming to deal with interpersonal conflict?

    As for Artprize, that godawful painting at the beginning and the words "bottom of the barrel" across it pretty much some up the whole thing. Ideological art is almost always utterly banal. It reminds me of the miserable "art" that used to be slapped on the walls of buildings all over the USSR. The only good side of this is that an occasional real artist, if willing to stoop a bit, might be able to contrive something that could bring in a bit of cash from these people who clearly have too much of it.

    1. Infidel -- You'd think that a husband talking to his wife like an equal partner would be the answer to the question. This never occurs to fundamentalists, who see wives as sex slaves for their husbands. It's sad and sick.

      Whenever ideology comes before aesthetics, art will be bland.


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