Friday, November 13, 2015

Commentary Tidbits

Sheep Dip: Camp Shunshine to Support Children of Gay Apostates

The White Hindu: I Don’t Like Kimmy Schmidt (What It’s Really Like to Leave a Cult)

Infidel753: Hell Frozen Over

Falls Church News-Press: GOP Candidates Bow Down Before Bigots at Hate Conference

Religion News Service: Leaving Mormon church rolls, over cruel policy on gays’ kids

Freak Out Nation: Harsh Look Into Fundamentalist Religion

MSNBC: Shuttered: The End of Abortion Access in Red America

LGBTQ Nation: Ben Carson’s campaign proves the GOP have totally lost it

Washington Post: Spotlight portrayal of sex abuse scandal is making the Catholic Church uncomfortable all over again

Think Progress: The Supreme Court Is About To Consider A Case That Could End Roe V. Wade


  1. Regarding the RNS piece, it is interesting which events/issues become a trigger for people when they decide to leave Mormonism. This latest cruelty to children of same sex parents is merely the tip of the gigantic iceberg of reasons that Mormonism should disappear from human society.

    Add to the long list of reasons to leave: (1) a blatantly fabricated history that Mormon leaders feed to the flock while knowing it's bullsh**; (2) years of documented aversion therapy that involved showing young LGBT members of the church various types of pornography then shocking their genitals when they became aroused by the "wrong" kind of sexual activity (of course several books can be written about the lives that were devastated by that practice that the Mo church will never apologize for); (3) covering up countless instances of child sexual abuse while blaming the victims; (4) decades of institutionalized racism, sexism, and homophobia, most of which still goes on but is merely a horse of a different color (as this latest blunder clearly shows).

    Even as a former insider, it's very difficult for me to understand why more people don't leave.

    Aside from that, thanks for the shootout Ahab. The sheeple are honored. : )

    1. George -- The LDS just added "cruel homophobia" to its long list of historical sins, sins that will no doubt be whitewashed, retroactively invalidated, or forgotten by the leadership and the true believers. They should just admit it's all hogwash and be done with it.


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