Monday, November 30, 2015

News Tidbits

The Texas Tribune: Cruz Condemns Colorado Shooting, Rejects Anti-Abortion Link

Voice of America: Yazidis Say They Are Being Targeted for Christian Conversion

The Guardian: Marriage venue owners fight $13,000 fine for refusing lesbian wedding 

Washington Post: Group threatens to sue school over reading of transgender teen Jazz Jennings’s book

Religion News Service: Why imprisoned pastor’s wife kept her marital abuse a secret – until now

Fox 5 New York: Protest at Harlem church over anti-LGBT messages

The Advocate: Liberty University Denies Tuition Discounts to LGBT Military Spouses 
Gay Star News: Bermuda hotel cancels two anti-gay marriage forums

Pink News: Christians want a ‘war chest’ of money to fight equal marriage in Australia


  1. One of the commenters in the Jazz article said something like, "Bullies aren't looking for a fight, they are looking for surrender." It was a very good point to remember.

    1. Jono -- The bullies will find that supporters of LGBTQ equality don't back down so easily.

  2. Great links, Ahab. I especially appreciated the RNS report on the reasons many women fail to report spousal abuse. Ms. Abedini deserves praise for finally going public, even if though she took a long time to do so.

    1. Donna -- My heart breaks for her. She was brave to publicly discuss the abuse she endured.


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