Thursday, February 9, 2017

Today's Orange Horrors, and Glimmers of Hope

UPI: Trump signs three executive orders to 'restore safety in America'

Washington Post: Federal appeals court maintains suspension of Trump’s immigration order

Associated Press: Dem senator: Court pick calls Trump's words 'demoralizing'

The Guardian: Trump lashes out again at judges over travel ban and calls hearing 'disgraceful'

Politico: Trump lashes out at Blumenthal for relaying Gorsuch’s 'disheartening' comments 

Associated Press: GOP, Dem Senators Want Congressional Say on Russia Sanctions

The Hill: Bipartisan senators demand briefing on Yemen raid

The Hill: Spicer: I 'clearly meant Orlando' when I talked about Atlanta attack

New York Magazine: Kellyanne Conway Says to ‘Go Buy Ivanka’s Stuff’

Yahoo News: Chuck Cooper emerges as Trump’s likely choice for solicitor general

Take comfort in these glimmers of hope.

The Jewish News of Northern California: Local synagogues, Lehrhaus join HIAS protest of refugee ban

Kentucky Kernel: University of Kentucky march protests immigration ban

WCNC: UNCC students stage immigration protest

Fox 6 Now: “It is affecting our life:” UWM students, faculty protest Pres. Trump’s executive order on immigration

AZ Central: ASU students, faculty rally against Trump's travel ban

WDBJ: Virginia Tech students, faculty protest President Trump's views on immigration


  1. I feel so secure with tRump at the helm. I feel like we have Captain Ahab steering the ship chasing the white whale of terrorists.

    1. Jono -- Let's hope he doesn't scuttle the ship.

  2. He's been president less than a month and he's got a 40% approval rate. Maybe after a month he can get that down to 30% approval. He's certainly trying.

    1. Shaw -- It's like he WANTS to be the most hated president in history.


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