Thursday, October 8, 2015

News Tidbits

Religion News Service: No ‘therapy,’ but Christ can ‘change’ LGBT lives, say evangelical leaders

Windy City Times: Trans woman wins decision against Hobby Lobby

Pink News: Joe Biden: Homophobes still exist, and most of them are running for President

Washington Post: Oklahoma’s controversial Ten Commandments monument was quietly removed overnight

Associated Press: Law firm labeled hate group leading Kim Davis' crusade

Reuters: 'Sense of Regret' in Vatican Over Pope Meeting With Gay Marriage Opponent

The Advocate: Liberty Counsel: The Vatican Is Lying About Pope's Kim Davis Meeting

The Courier-Journal: Black coalition forms to back biblical sexuality


  1. Thanks for these, Ahab. The first piece about Christ changing LGBT lives really turns my stomach. -- If only they were more "righteous" they would be cured. Blech.

    1. Donna -- A Twitter friend ( ) attended the event in question and live-tweeted the workshops. Judging from the tweets, the conference was horribly backwards.

  2. Some of these are fairly encouraging! Hobby Lobby is still run by dickheads, but I am still happy with Biden having voted for him the first time I got to vote (the first time he was elected). Even Oklahoma is making sense.

    1. Jono -- See? There are still plenty of sane people in the world. It gives me hope.


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