Thursday, October 15, 2015

News Tidbits

Reuters: U.S. report calls for end to 'conversion therapy' for LGBT youth

Atlanta Journal Constitution: In Gainesville, Ben Carson preaches return to God, war on the ‘PC police’

Al Jazeera America: Michigan ACLU takes on Catholic hospital for refusing tube tying

Seattle Times: Bremerton football coach vows to pray after game despite district order

USA Today: Baptist leader: Christians should boycott gay weddings

Associated Press: Virginia man says he was fired from job at Catholic assisted living home because he's gay

The Advocate: Tennessee Church Kicks Out Boy Scouts For Being Too Accepting


  1. So, according to Ben Carson, those of us who respect the Bill of Rights are the "PC Police." This is one crazy primary season.

    1. Donna -- The GOP candidates keep things interesting, in a deranged sort of way.


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