Monday, March 23, 2015

News Tidbits

New York Times: Ted Cruz Hopes Early Campaign Entry Will Focus Voters’ Attention 

Los Angeles Times: Ted Cruz courts young evangelicals for uphill presidential bid

Pink News: Anti-gay Republican Ted Cruz pledges to ‘uphold the sacrament of marriage’ while launching Presidential bid

Washington Post: Virginia’s Liberty University: A mega-college and Republican presidential stage

The Guardian: New Rick Perry hire sent email saying children's lives would be harmed by female president

Huffington Post: Bob Jones III Apologizes For Saying Gays Should Be Stoned To Death

LGBTQ Nation: Groups for, against LGBT rights stage dueling rallies at Texas state capitol

Omaha World-Herald: Incoming State Patrol superintendent criticized for religion at work

KCRA 3: Can California ballot proposal legalizing killing of gays be stopped?


  1. While the fact that he is even a member of the US Senate - much less potentially our next president - is disturbing, I imagine Ted Cruz will provide bloggers like you and me with tons of material in the coming months. (sigh)

    1. Donna -- I'm sure of it. He's a gold mine of right-wing rhetoric.

      I caught a little bit of Cruz' appearance on Fox News last night, and all he did was spit out right-wing buzzwords and empty rhetoric.

  2. I don't follow politics that much - I should, but I don't. I just brace myself for the onslaught of news stories, debates, and the like. I'll enjoy reading your blog and Donna's to keep me informed. =)

    1. Heather -- I'm glad to hear that. Thanks!

  3. Ted Cruz has delusions of grandeur. Even the Republicans I know see him as too extreme. I predict a primary implosion of delightful proportions.

    1. Agi Tater -- Pass the popcorn! This will be fun.

      I have no idea where Cruz got the idea that he would be a viable candidate. Liberals (and many moderates) will shun him, and he lacks the ability to unite the GOP against the Democrats in the 2016 election.


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