Sunday, March 1, 2015

News Tidbits

Huffington Post: Read The FBI's File On 'Radical Extremist' Anti-Gay Pastor Fred Phelps 

KFOR News Channel 4: Anti-Islamic protests at first Muslim Day at Oklahoma Capitol

Time: Christian College Student Attacked With Apple for Questioning Treatment of Gays

Outsports: South Carolina college with two out gay athletes bans homosexuality in the name of God

The Column: Ban on “ex-gay” conversion therapy introduced in Minnesota Senate

Middle East Online: US-funded Christians training for private war on Iraq jihadists 

QNotes: First Baptist pastor Mark Harris running radio ad against Charlotte LGBT-inclusive ordinances

CP24: Ontario Tories back away from MPP who doesn't believe in evolution


  1. The conversion therapy ban is the LEAST we could do after spawning Michele Bachman.
    Who will her husband torment now?

    1. Jono -- Let's hope their ilk can't torment LGBTQ people for much longer!


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