Friday, March 14, 2014

Commentary Tidbits

Slaktivist: ‘God is Done with You’: Pensacola Christian College and Sexual Violence

Politico: The Cookiecott

Rachel Held Evans: Patriarchy and Abusive Churches

The Christian Chronicle: Inside the 'Duck Dynasty' church

Right Wing Watch: Scott Lively Blames Gays For Ukraine Crisis, Lauds Russia As Human Rights Leader Of The World

The Atlantic: Can Megachurches Deal With Mega Money in a Christian Way?

Huffington Post: Bigotry for Me, But Not for Thee: The Religious Right and Its Selective Use of Anti-Discrimination Law

Yahoo: Duggar Girls Reveal the Creepiest Part of Growing Up With 19 Kids and Counting

Jewish Daily Forward: Christian Conservative Blames 'All Problems' on Jews

The Advocate: NOM Can’t Shut Me Down

Radio Praha: Anti-gay law mandates mob violence, says maker of God Loves Uganda


  1. Just read the RWW piece on Scott Lively. (That site's almost as good as yours!) I am amazed by how many right wing commentators are praising Putin during this Ukraine crisis. Having grown up during the Cold War, it just seems insane to me. Even more insane that there isn't more outrage over it.

    1. Donna -- Almost as good as Republic of Gilead? Nah. They update their blog several times a day, and I can barely update mine once a week!

      The far right's affection for Putin and his disturbing policies should give us pause. Is this what they want to see happen in the U.S.? By praising Putin, the far right is showing its true colors.


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