Thursday, January 23, 2014

News Tidbits

Los Angeles Times: Republican Mike Huckabee wades into 'war on women'

New York Times: Gay Marriages Confront Catholic School Rules

NPR: A Different Kind Of Catholicism Grows In Latino Communities

PM News: Nigerian Cardinal Onaiyekan backs anti-gay law

Daily Times: Bishop Kukah Commends Nigerian President Jonathan for Anti-Gay Law


  1. Two things. Huckleberry and his cronies would be better off if they just shut up, but that would be like a leopard changing its spots. The NPR report reminded me of an old comedy line, " I used to be all f***ed up on drugs. Now I'm all f***ed up on the Lord.

    1. Jono -- Members of the far right are always saying neanderthal things, so Huckabee's speech doesn't surprise me. Part of me wants them to shut up, but another part wants them to keep talking so they'll reveal their true colors.


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