Saturday, January 18, 2014

Commentary Tidbits

The Nation: How U.S. Evangelicals Fueled the Rise of Russia’s ‘Pro-Family’ Right

Amnesty International: Living for love, dying because of hate: the rising tide of homophobia in Africa

Overturning Tables: Why I am a Radical Activist for All Things Evil 

Patrol: Homeschoolers Anonymous and Evangelical Response

Godless in Dixie: Father Abraham Had Many Psychoses

TFN Insider: Judge Smacks Down Texas Religious-Right Group for Trying to Waste His Time

GLAAD: Brian Brown extends his anti-LGBT activism across the globe

Raw Story: Muslim U.S. President to team up with gays to make us go extinct just like the gay dinosaurs


  1. to make us go extinct just like the gay dinosaurs

    I have this sudden mental image of pink tyrannosauruses marching in a Cretaceous gay pride parade. Fabulous! But why do these people always assume that accepting homosexuality as normal would mean that everyone would turn gay and heterosexual activity would completely cease? Is there some reason why they think homosexuality would be that appealing to everyone if it weren't taboo? One does have to wonder about projection in such cases.

    1. Infidel -- Methinks the anti-gay fundamentalists doth protest too much.


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