Friday, September 27, 2013

Two Riveting Shows on the Quiverfull Movement

Many of my readers are familiar with the Quiverfull movement, a subset of the Christian Patriarchy Movement. The Quiverfull movement believes that children are blessings from God, and that couples should have as many children as God bestows upon them. The movement rejects contraception and natural family planning, espouses rigid gender roles, and has a prominent presence in the Christian homeschooling movement. Books such as Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement by Kathryn Joyce, as well as blogs such as No Longer Quivering, Quivering Daughters, and Love, Joy, Feminism, are invaluable sources of information on Quiverfull life.

I'd like to highlight two recent shows about the Christian Quiverfull movement. First, Reasonable Doubts recent devoted a podcast to Vyckie Garrison, a former Quiverfull woman who blogs at No Longer Quivering. Garrison discusses her motivations for joining Quiverfull as well as the physical and psychological toll it took on her and her loved ones.

Reasonable Doubts, Episode 118: Quivering (Part I) with Guest Vyckie Garrison

Second, BBC World Service devoted an episode of Heart and Soul to the Quiverfull movement in the United Kingdom. Heart and Soul highlights Quiverfull voices such as Nancy Campbell (of Above Rubies ministry fame), who dramatically praises motherhood and frowns upon feminism. The show also devoted attention to ex-Quiverfull campaigners such as Vyckie Garrison and Heather Doney. Garrison and Doney bring attention to the abuses and unreasonable demands of Quiverfull life, as well as its unsettling racial undertones and dominionist ambitions. 

BBC Heart and Soul: A Womb is a Weapon

I encourage readers to listen to both shows, which are startling and eye-opening.

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