Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Commentary Tidbits: Russian Anti-Gay Law Edition

Truth Wins Out: Religious Fanatics, American Con Artists, And Emboldened Neo-Nazi’s Make Life Hard On LGBT Russians     (Trigger warning)

The Advocate: Which Americans Are Responsible for Russia's Hate?

Pink News: Anti-gay evangelist Scott Lively warns Vladimir Putin Russian ‘gay propaganda’ laws are not enough

Right Wing Watch: Lively: Russia A 'Beacon Of Freedom' While US Is A 'Gay Version Of The Soviet Union'

Right Wing Watch: Six US Conservative Groups Sign Statement Supporting Russian 'Gay Propaganda' Ban


  1. Lively: “Few political agendas in the history of mankind have marshaled the tenacity and resolve of the homosexualist movement.

    “Its activists are driven by an implacable militancy and a zeal to advance their own self-serving interests that rivals even the most fanatical religious cult.”

    Hmmm, Lively's no one to label another group a cult. Especially the "homosexualists."

    1. Donna -- Well, self-awareness was never the fundamentalists' strong suit. I wonder if Lively realizes how ridiculous he sounds.


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