Friday, June 21, 2013

Commentary Tidbits

Logos: Fundamentalist Christians, Science, and the Democracy

National Journal: Overheard at the Faith and Freedom Coalition's 'Road to Majority Conference'

Religion Dispatches: Are You Doing Your Part in the Baby War?

The Wartburg Watch: A Cry For Justice: Domestic Violence and the Church

Think Progress: Focus On The Family: Transgender Young People Don’t Exist In ‘Physical Reality’

Lez Get Real: Focus on the Family Ignores History, Claims Children Need Mother, Father

The Daily Beast: Meet The Husband and Wife Novelists Talking Israel to The Christian Right

Truth Wins Out: Idiots and Exorcists Now Lead ‘Ex-Gay’ Industry

Alternet: There Are Now As Many Nonreligious Americans As Evangelicals -- 6 Ways Politicians Can Court Their Vote

The New Civil Rights Movement: Reality TV Star And Eldest Son Of “19 Kids And Counting” To Lead Anti-Gay Hate Group

Gay Star News: The religious lobby’s lies on Jamaica gay sex court case


  1. It's not surprising at all that one of the kids from the Duggar family is going to work for the new KKK (oops, I mean the FRC).

    As for The Wartburg Watch, the writers of that site deserve a medal for being so willing to stand up and speak out about major problems in the Christian culture in the US, they have a lot of courage to do that, many fellow evangelicals don't appreciate that.

    1. Sheldon -- Maybe now the world will understand the implications of the ideology that the Duggar embrace. I'm not surprised that one of their boys would accept a job with the FRC, which the SPLC labels a hate group.

      As for WW, I have great respect for any website that demands accountability from the Religious Right.


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