Tuesday, April 16, 2013

News Tidbits

Raw Story: Louisiana governor: I’ve got no problem with creationism in public schools

Washington Post: Sen. Rand Paul: Republicans and some evangelicals ‘have appeared too eager for war’

Kansas City Star: Tyler Deaton, whose wife was slain in KC area, suspended from Texas teaching job     (See here and here for background on IHOP and the Deaton case)

Pink News: France: Archbishop of Paris warns that equal marriage will lead to a more violent society

Metro News: Doctor took me to 'exorcist' church, patient claims


  1. Okay, so the piece in the Pink News about the French archbishop had me at hello. Marriage equality incites violence. What a lame argument. "We can't have equality because it will make the bigots mad."

    1. Donna -- They'd better be prepared for enlightened people demanding equality, no matter who it angers.


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