Friday, April 12, 2013

Commentary Tidbits

Huffington Post: Why Americans Love Creationism

Americablog: “Powerful Jewish forces” in America concern lead religious right group with ties to GOP

Homeschoolers Anonymous: Fundamentalist Homeschooling Is A Poison: Isaiah’s Story

RH Reality Check: Legacy of Tiller’s Murder: Anti-Choice Terrorists Threaten Staff at Wichita Clinic

Salon: Will the Christian right flee the GOP?

Prairie Nymph: Peaceful Protest

Philadelphia Magazine: Family Research Council Unveils Homophobic Web Page

Feminist Sonar: Sexual Assault & Disability: Purity Culture

Right Wing Watch: Linda Harvey: Day of Silence 'Manipulating' Kids to 'Enter A Lifestyle Which Itself Will Be Incredibly Harmful To Them'


  1. Homeschoolers Anonymous is a great site, I'm working on a guest post for them.

    1. Sheldon -- I'll have to visit them regularly, then! I'm glad that survivors of traumatic Christian homeschooling experiences have a forum.


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