Saturday, March 2, 2013

News Tidbits

Raw Story: Texas House resolution calls for ‘God’ and Ten Commandments in schools

Raw Story: Southern Baptist leader: Liberals ‘ostracized’ the KKK and homophobes will be next

StarTribune: Minnesota Rep. Gruenhagen: Homosexuality is a 'sexual addiction'

CNN Amanpour: Former Catholic friar: homosexuality is “the ticking time bomb”

NPR: Pope Benedict Leaves A Church Mired In Crises

Gazeta: Behind the Walls: What It's Like to Live Inside the Vatican, for a Woman

Pink News: LGBT Catholic group blasts Pope Benedict XVI for ‘bigotry’ as he officially resigns as Catholic leader

Edge Boston: CPAC: No Gay Groups Allowed!

Los Angeles Times: Council in Rapid City, S.D., fights to keep prayer at meetings Petition to ban 'gay conversion therapy' nets 100,000 signatures

IOL News: Oscar Pistorius ‘cursed’ for supporting gays, says South African pastor


  1. yikes the left is sure giving it hard to the Catholic church. Some of us are okay ya know! lol..

    1. Sherry -- My gripe is not with you or the Catholic laity; my gripe is with the Magisterium and some of its bad decisions. You remain awesome.

  2. Liberals ‘ostracized’ the KKK and homophobes will be next

    And this is supposed to be a problem how exactly?

    1. Infidel753 -- It sounds like a logical progression to me.


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