Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TheCall Geneva is Coming to Switzerland

TheCall, a New Apostolic Reformation ministry headed by Lou Engle, has performed international outreach in countries such as Uganda and Brazil. On December 8-12, TheCall wll host a rally in Geneva, Switzerland. According to TheCall Geneva website, the gathering is intended to turn the heart of Geneva back to God. Geneva, a historical site of international convergence, is celebrated by the website as a  nexus for the Reformation, the birthplace of the International Red Cross, and a magnet for historical reformers and intellectuals.

Hosted by Gateways Beyond Geneva, TheCall Geneva will culminate on December 12th. TheCall Geneva website describes 12-12-12 as a date with numerical significance.
"The number twelve signifies governmental perfection and divine authority. No doubt, Geneva is a governmental city and what happens here has the potential to bless the nations. The governmental calling of this city, however, is not independent of the local Body. It is with full representation and unity of the Church—-the international and local believers coming together—-that Geneva will more effectively operate in her calling."
In an October 29th video with Stacey Campbell and Sean Feucht (see above), Lou Engle reminders viewers about the international significance of the event for Christian outreach.
"You know, it's where the U.N. is, where the nations gather together. God says, 'I'm going to gather my people together, and I'm installing my son on his holy mountain Zion.' [God] said, 'Ask of me. I'll give you the nations as your inheritance.'"
TheCall's reach extends across the globe, serving as a reminder that the Religious Right is a global phenomenon, not just an American one. Observers of the Religious Right will be waiting to hear what messages are celebrated in Geneva this December.

To learn more about TheCall Geneva, visit www[dot]thecallgeneva[dot]com and select "English."

To learn more about Gateways Beyond Geneva, visit www[dot]gbge[dot]org

For additional commentary, visit the following link.

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  1. Whackadoodle crazy nutjobs!!!

    On a different note, I hope you're weathering Sandy okay!

    1. Knatolee -- I came through okay. Some local creeks overflowed and a few roads closed, but I didn't experience any power loss or flooding. Thanks for checking in.

  2. Replies
    1. Murr -- Blogging about the Religious Right over the past two years has been one, long "holy crap" moment! :)

  3. Hmmm Pretty sure the U.N. was based out of NY and not Geneva and I was also pretty sure that Zion is not, nor has ever been considered to be in Switzerland...

    1. Reason Being -- To be fair, while UN headquarters are located in New York, other large UN offices stand in cities around the globe, including Geneva.

      As for Zion, maybe it was the Matterhorn all along? :D


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