Thursday, March 1, 2012

News Tidbits

NPR: To Get Out The Vote, Evangelicals Try Data Mining

CBS Detroit: Santorum Blasts Penn State, Says Grades Were Docked For Beliefs

Washington Post: Rick Santorum faced with strategy shift that will test his shoestring campaign Northeastern cancels Chick-fil-A plans after student group denounces chain

Los Angeles Times: Daniel Pearl's father: Void posthumous baptisms of Jewish people

Times of India: Gay sex horrendous: Religious groups tell Indian Supreme Court

Pink News: Graduate hands back Oxford degree over Christian Concern conference

The Advocate: One Million Moms Targets Comic With Gay Wedding

Houston Chronicle: Megachurch asks mayor not to promote same-sex marriage

American Independent: Focus on the Family civil unions poll draws scrutiny


  1. Focus on the Family cooking the numbers? Say it ain't so.

    Funny about the Archie comic and the moms. I think the company handled it well.

  2. Growing up in the Mormon Church, I was taught that everyone had to receive Mormon ordinances to qualify for the highest degree of heaven. I was also taught that this work had to be performed for every deceased person who had ever lived on this earth or my salvation would be in jeopardy. Of course, I was not the only one. These teachings are Mormon doctrine.

    Therefore, I now find the Mormon Church's current PR gaffe hilarious. Good devout Mormons are faithfully doing "the work" for all kinds of people - as they are supposed to - and it makes the church look bad. So now some of these faithful Mormons are even facing possible discipline for doing what they've been taught. Tsk tsk.

    And about Rush Limbaugh's fear mongering rhetoric below, how can anyone take him seriously? Seriously.

  3. OMG there's a gay wedding in Riverdale...and one of the guys is in the military! The horror!

    I love how Santorum, who had a college education, is going around telling us how evil and wrong it is to get a college education. What he's not telling us is that it's so much easier to manipulate uneducated people, and to keep them beholden to fanatical religious views.

    FOTF using underhanded polling tactics? Say it isn't so!

  4. Wise Fool -- I'm glad Archie comics have become a voice for modern times. As for One Million Moms, they need to get hobbies or something.

    Cognitive Dissenter -- With Mormonism in the public eye more and more, I'm sure we'll see more embarassing PR gaffes for the LDS soon. And I couldn't be happier.

    Buffy -- Well, Santorum was never known for his logic, after all. It's kind of like Phyllis Schlafly telling women to stay home, isn't it?

  5. So much madness in the world, so little time! But kudos to Northeastern and Archie comics for standing up to the bigots.

  6. Knatolee -- Hey, it's progress!


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