Monday, March 26, 2012

Commentary Tidbits

Politicus USA: The “Good News Club”: How the Religious Right is Taking Indoctrination into Public Schools

Salon: “October Baby”: The abortion war hits theaters

Mother Jones: I Was a Terrorist ... Seriously!

Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters: Court documents prove NOM's plan to divide black, gay communities

Religion Dispatches: A Monumentally Different Kirk Cameron

The Daily Beast: Can God Make a Planet So Perfect He Can't Warm It Up?

Red Letter Christians: Seven Reasons Why Young Adults Quit Church
(Hat tip to Infidel753)


  1. There are already people on the IMDB page for "October Baby" essentially gushing about what a wonderful, inspirational movie it is, and whining about how "liberals" are working to keep it from getting the attention it deserves. Always with hamfisted shlock like this it's some liberal plot, rather than the material itself, that gets the blame. Of course what will likely happen (which is what happens with religious movies like this) is churches will buy blocks of tickets and pass them out to their congregants. This will naturally make it seem like the movie is wildly popular. Then the wingnuts will go around claiming this sort of crap is what "mainstream" America really wants to see. Barf.

    NOM was using Latinos and black people. Many of us already knew that. It's nice, however, to have official documentation of it.

    1. Buffy -- It confirms what we've always deduced from their rhetoric. Still, it's startling to actually SEE their agenda in black and white.

      As for "October Baby," I'm eager to see how the anti-abortion world will react upon its release, if they're already gushing now.


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