Monday, January 10, 2011

News Tidbits

Lexington Herald-Leader: Tennessee, Kentucky have different approach to biblical parks

St. Louis Today: Military chaplains are faith mismatch for personnel they serve 

The Baltimore Sun: Clergy take lessons on demonic possession, exorcism

ABC News (Australia): Pope says sex education an 'attack on religious freedom'

Providence Journal: Catholic Bishop Tobin lashes out at Rhode Island leaders for pushing gay marriage

Los Angeles Times: Some right-wing groups to skip GOP event

Orlando Sentinel: Florida Bar asks state Supreme Court to discipline Orlando lawyer for conduct in Rifqa Bary case

The American Prospect: Republican Minority Opens Investigation of Prosperity Televangelists

Minnesota Independent: Rep. Gruenhagen brings controversial views to Health and Human Services Committee

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Motions Fly in Bishop Eddie Long Case Shift in mission for religious firebrand Scott Lively

Entertainment Weekly: Controversial Pastor Ted Haggard Lands TLC Reality Project

The Advocate: Arrested Birther Attended Rally with LaBarbera

Ms. Magazine: Boehner Announces Anti-Abortion Agenda

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